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58 yrs old comes with these lesion also on both the hands .pt gives h/o 2 yrs back one pustule erupt he rub that afterthat it progresd slowly to this ,currently he is using homeopathic drugs but not mach relief, these lesion will cure completely and recurr again no h/o diabetes,HT,tsh normal what is the probable diagnosis and treatment ?

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Hypertrophic LP / prurigo nodularis

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Hypertrophic LP / prurigo nodularis

Mam plz mention rx

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Lichen Planus Hypertrophicus? Pruriago Nodularis?

Hypertrophic lichen planus....rx steroids moosturisers antihistamonics

Thank you doctor

? LPH .. ? PN ..

Hypertrophic lichen planus

Ty sir what is the treatment for that or os any there any specific test to diagnose this condition

PURIGO NODULARIS.Lichen Planus....Hypertrophicus

L.P. Hypertrophy Prurigo nudularis

Hypertrophic lichen planus

Lichen planus hypertrophicus.

Eczematous Dermatitis... ARSENIC 1M + SULPHUR 30....BD... Follow up - 2 weeks...

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