Such condition of pt. Advised chemo. Pt. wants only Ayu. Treatment. Please suggest.....

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Homeopathy can give satisfactory results if taken from good classical practitioner. Only Right Homeopathy Constitutional medicine can give result. Don't go with specific Homeopathy medicines. This type of practice is against the law of homeopathy. It won't work for long term disorders. Hope it will help. If you want more detail, plz feel free to ask. Thanks.
a) Carcinosin 200 weekly b) Belladonna 30 twice daily (morning and evening) c) Kali Iod 30 - noon and night d) Radium Bromide 30 once daily. Chemo is required for some time.
What about nosode remedy Carcinocin 200 or 1M

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@Dr. Rajendra Bagadia sir, better to go with Chemo Therapy.... I don't think in Ayurveda we can give satisfactory results at this stage...
For avoiding side effects of chemotherapy and supportive management you can advise accordingly....
Hirak bhasma ,and pitta samak medicine ,anti oxidant medicines
Dr.Tell him to take first round of Chemo.Convince him that you will tc.Take his symptoms pre& post chemo...both can help him We have many remedies like thuja rad.b c Ray cad group uran
1-shila dhundhte 2gm 2-tambra bhasm-1gm 3-giloy sat-10gm 4-prawal pisti-10gm 5-ras manikyanandi -1gm Divide 60 dose 1-1mor.eve with water,before food 6-kachnar giggle 2-2-2 7-arogyavardhni 1-1-1
He has to take chemo for some time along with Ayurveda/ Homoeopathy. In homoeopathy, we give uranium nit.30 before and after every episode of chemo to lessen the side effects.
Thanks. ..dr

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Give test dose of calcarea phos 6x bd for one week. If it helps (it should) follow up with Carbo animalis 200 single dose and continue Calcarea phos 6x for sometime
It would be better to go for chemotherapy. Later when condition comes normal go for homoeopathic medicines.
Wheat grass juice ....tulsi swaras...godan ark...amla n giloy jui e.............aswagangh +heerak+
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