5 yrs child h.o fever 3 to 4 days..not respond to oral syrup .admitted weight 15 kg..hows dose inj monocef..inj amikacin and flued .CBC report as folows...normal CBC report..how management pls sugest admitted him.@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal

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What's the weight of the child . Are u giving antibiotics in proper dose . What are other symptoms associated with fever . R/o malaria n uti too by doing peripheral smear n urine r/e n c/s.
15 kg sir

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Ask for URINE C/S, MP , Widal, Ns1 , PLATELETS
Namaste Sir widal test is diagnostic after 1 week of fever . In the first week blood c/s is the investigation of choice in enteric fever .

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Agree with Dr Ramesh Sir
You said cbc report normal but not displayed for perusal Again neither urine nor viral fever assessment ie dengue profile is avialable thus it is difficult to suggest any line of treatment Better hospitalise under pediatricians
That much problem is not indication of I/v antibiotics