39 year old female , known asthmatic,c/o increased cough, breathlessness,since two week.no h/o ATT.afb ,cbnaat -negative.cxr for interpretation.

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Respected dr karunakaran please highlight the prominent features of this radiograph , and tell us about type of Aspergillosis in this particular case ,like IPA/ABPA/ASPERGILLOMA ,thanks for sharing this case , I think CT is much more sensitive and specific then cxr in such diseases , probably if you have CT of same case please share with us ,thanks again for sharing
Thank u sir.cxr features of Lt uz,mz consolidation.aldo heterogeneous opacity in Lt mz.features more in favour of ABPA.CT may show mucus plugging, bronchiectasis.ct may be more useful sir.

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Changes of emphysema. Rt mid and lower zone heziness likely consolidation. Lt apical fibrocavitatory lesions seen.left lower zone heterogenous opacity seen likely old PTB bronchiectasis with copd exacerbation.
Multiple thinwalled cavities both lungs. Aspergillosis/staphylococcal pneumonia with COPD.
? Aspergillosis
Thank u sir.suspected aspergillosis.

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Long standing pulmonary diease woth destroyed lund tissue emphysematous changes. Rib ressuction has been done for previous drainage.of ?empyema.
bilateral pulmonary kochs with Lt.lung empyema.
Hilar lymphadenopathy

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