Strange behaviour of 16 y/o female

A 16-year-old female patient was brought by her parents. They explained they have noticed a strange behavior change in her. she has become very fearful of becoming fat and wants to be fit snd completely in shape. She eats less than the daily recommended intake of calories and exercises daily for one and a half hours. They have noticed this behavior for 6 months and she also lost 8 kg in this period. Her weight is 44 kg, height 5.4 feet, BMI 15.45 kg/m2, BP was bit low. She is doing very well in school. While talking to her she said she wants to be lean so she is exercising hard for that and her parents don't want her to lose weight. She has OCD for cleanness. No other relevant medical and surgical history. She is not on any medication. Her CBC, serum electrolytes, and urinalysis are all normal. What will you suggest for this case?


She is suffering with Anorexia Nervosa with OCD. Needs proper Psychiatric History Taking & MSE. Treatment may be done with Antipsychotic, Antidepressants & Tranquilizers, along with CBT.
But antipsychotic tends to aggravate OC symp...Though I,too think low dose antipsychotic is needed to control the fear

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She is ok phobia of looking slim trim kindly explain BMI up to 23 ok show age chart roughly understand 45 kg ok for her
She suffers from Anorexia Nervosa Need CBT Anti depresent s Anti OCD Drugs Tranquilizer s ,and ECT.
Anorexia nervosa please do counseling and give Tranquilizers and Syrup Cypon 2 tsf bd
Tnx Dr Sumeet Koulwar
Anorexia Nervosa, Hysteria Treat with tranquilizers and Appetizers
Anorexia Nervosa Needs counseling Sedatives
? Anorexia nervosa .. ? Mental disorders..
Anorexia nervosa..complete history regarding her mental cognitive ness evaluation is will work..
OCD required antiobcessional drugs with small dose of antipsychotics
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