Antiepileptic to put a 14 year male with abnormal EEG having generalized epileptiform discharges??

Do CBC & LFT. Generalized seizure Sodium Valproate is ideal in a male patient. TWICE DAILY DOSE . Start with15 mg / kg . Do the blood level after a month . Adjust the optimum dose with blood level. Needs LFT after 3 months if asymptomatic.
What is the semiology of seizures. The choice of antiepileptic drugs depends largely on the semiology. You have mentioned EEG changes. Any other comorbidities? Is it symptomatic seizure ?
A broad spectrum valproic acid start at 15 to 20 mg/kg/day in divided doses.
Sodium valporate is drug of choice. Dose 15-20mg/kg/day
Sodium Valproate 10mg/kg/dose twice daily
EEG is most overused, underreported and misleading tool for epilepsy management..!!! There is ample of data showing, in absence of good clinical judgement it is more harmful than any use..!! Keep your clinical sense on priority, if any doubt always take help of expert..