59 year old known CKD-ESRD on Hemodialysis, During dialysis she developed Chest pain, Apprehension and sweatings. O/E Regularly irregular pulse, BP-160/90, Chest-clear. What kind of arrhythmia is this???

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paroxysomal afib,irregular qrs,common in esrd, increasing risk of thromboembolism, plz do 2d echo to rule out any cardiac pathology. find the risk score for cvd .control bp below 130/80 .rule out other risk factors like dyslipidemia, dm etc.

Thank you all. A small doubt sir, Pulse is Regularly irregular. Can I call it as AF and There is ST depressions in V4-6 & Lead 1,2. with reciprocal changes in Right sided leads. What it signifies in this Tachycardia?

no ,pulse has to irregularly irregular to say afib. rate is high , rate related st depression , may suggest ischemia.

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Na-135, K-3.6, RBS-150 can it be AF/MAT what treatment can I give now. presently she is symptomatically better and pain subsided spontaneously. Just we gave stat dose of clopid 300 mg.

A.fib with RVR

Atrial Fibrillation treat with Diltiazem

yup.it may be AF nw heart rate is controlled,evaluate with 2D echo,if it occurs again try IV adenosine r verapamil ,diltiazem

there are ST depressions in Lead 1,2,V4-6

now her heart rate is 74/min,

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