संक्रमित रक्त दुष्टि ?

59 yes old lady getting such lesons on the both palms,foots.Toung keeping blackish clotting spots. Nature aggressively Piles history five yes back. Mild swelling blow eye Shadows. Operated cyst of utreus( could not clearify the expect spot ) but ptn explain ,after operation her whole teeth,mouth young also become black . Now she came for above lessons. Mardi Right As Vatt,Left side Mandgatti. Confermations needs fr Rx.Dx.



Agree sir.... Along with Rakta Dushti patient also having Micronutrients Deficiency specially Vit B12, Please Confirm once....

@डा डी पी सिंह जी ,रोगीणी के निदान व चिकित्सा पर अनुभव शेयर करें।मुझे यह एक जटिल रोग लगता है।

@Dr. S.k. Mudgal ji चन्दनासव 20 ml सुबह शाम बराबर पानी मिलाकर दे Cream GD All लगाए । पंचतिक्त घृत 10 ml 50 ml दूध में मिलाकर सुबह भूखे पेट दे ।

Sir also pl.link this case with other picks as I forget to link.

रोगी की C.B.C की जांच कराएं ताकि उचित परामर्श दिया जा सके।

Is it vipadika? Is there any discharge from open area?

Pl.see link picture with thi case Dr.Ma'm.Also no discharge from any spot.

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Antim curud

Rx Antim crud 200

Sharbat musaffi murakab 10ml bd Habb musaffi khoon 2 at night Sharbat faulad 5ml od Marham kaffor for apply on palm nd sole All for 3months.

Rx antim crud