26/y/o with complain of pain in abdomen & multiple episodes of vomiting since last night after having dinner. From past few days patient had indigestion like complains- gastritis, incomplete evacuation of bowel & on-off gastric reflux. Appetite- reduced Mala- sama on-off baddha & drava mala Jihva sama Agni visham



Dx Food poisoning Rx This is my personal and clinical experience Only use Sanjivanivati 3 OD Avoid mixed diet , drink warm water and Rice with buttermilk If any other problems do symptomatic treatment.
I Agree with @Dr. Panchajanya Kumar Deevi if the digestion is not good since few days, needs to watch eating habits. Add fibrous foods to clear up the digestive system also can take buttermilk as lactobacilli will help gut.
stomach pain wid diarrhoea Shankh vati, kutajghanvati , kutjarisht may help your Pt along with above said medicines .Shankh vati is effectivein amashya, grahni,pakvashya related udarshool.
Ginger lime juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet all juices citrus fruit juice, only on fruit and juice diet
Tab maha sankh vati Tab vamn har vati Prvalpisti 5gm Tab Aamdosntak vati
Ars alb, epec, like medicine can work well
Dx Food Poisoning. Rx Ars.alb.
Langhana Param Aushadham....
Food poisoning Ars. Alb. 30
? Epegastic pain
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