===Common Causes of piles:=== ------------------------------------------------------------ Constipation :- if there is constipation you will put more strain while passing stool and that will indirectly increase the intra abdominal pressure and affect upon the rectal venous pressure Hard stool- if you have hard stool due to lack of taking fibers rich diet then it will make you to give more strain during stool and cause piles. Chronic hyperacidity and flatulency - condition also increases the intra abdominal pressure and causes pile Prolonged sitting for hours together- if you are in a job where you have to sit for hours together like those who working in IT sector or corporate sector also contribute the chance of increasing intra abdominal pressure due to pressure build up by sitting long time in a seat. So ultimately develop piles. Lacks of physical activities- Lack of physical activities affect the smooth rhythmical peristaltic bowel movement thus contribute a factor for developing constipation and piles. Obesity- The gaining weight or obesity also plays a role for developing piles by increasing pressure in anal venous areas. Pregnancy- The pregnancy also contributes a factor of increasing intra abdominal pressure and developing piles. Chronic diarrhea- It is also have the chance of developing piles, ===Types of Hemorrhoids:=== ---------------------------------------------- Haemorrhoids are classified into two common categories - Internal and External External Haemorrhoids It lies within the anus and if it prolapsed to the outside during the time of passing stool, it can be vi Internal haemorrhoids - It lies deep inside the rectum that can't be seen outside. Usually they do not cause pain as there are very less pain-sensing nerves in the rectum. Bleeding is the common symptom in internal hemorrhoid. Sometimes internal hemorrhoids enlarge and protrude out from the anal sphincter. If so, it may hurt because of rubbing from clothing and sitting. They usually recede into the rectum ====Here are some major homeopathy medicines for piles==== -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Nux vom- Nux Vom helps to cure the constipation. There is heaviness of abdomen after an hour of taking meals. Constipation with ineffectual desires to go for stool. Burning chest with feeling of accumulation of food stuffs in the throat. The person is nervous irritable hypochondriac and fastidious nature. There is a habit of taking oily rich foods or junk fast foods which causes to develop all the symptoms. In piles it is one of the most effective medicines prescribed to cure the constipation or irregular bowel habit due to unhealthy food habits or faulty life style. 2 Bryonia - It is advised in constipation if the stool is very hard and the person gives more strain while passing stool. The stool is hard as well as blackish color and difficult to pass. There is a tendency of taking more water as the person feels thirsty always. 3 Lycopodium -The person having more flatulency problem. There is bloated sensation in stomach with gurgling or rumbling sound in the stomach. There is heaviness of abdomen generally occur in afternoon hour. There is good appetite but a little food makes him full of stomach. There is burning of chest and sour eructation with sour taste in mouth 4 Carboveg - There is flatulency with bloated sensation of stomach. Much more burping and the person feel relief after that. So much flatulency tendency that everything he/ she eats seems to convert in gas. There is heaviness of abdomen generally of upper abdomen. 5 Anacardium- There is constipation tendency with pain in empty stomach. There is headache feeling when the person is in empty stomach. Taking of food relieves the headache and stomach pain. The person is having a tendency of forgetfulness and low confidence. If those symptoms are present in a person anacardium is the suitable remedy 6 Sulphur- There is burning sensation of anus after stool. There is itching of anus always. The person is having a tendency of early morning stool just after waking from bed. There is disturbed sleep habit of waking up in little noise. The person is nervous nature with an unhealthy life style. 7 Aesculus- There is pain like burning and stitching pain in anus persist long hour after the stool. There is itching of anus. Feeling of something stuck inside the anus because of inflammation of piles. There is constipation tendency. The piles problem is associated with backache. 9 Collinsonia- There is tenderness of the piles and the person feels sore and tender while sitting or walking. There is constipation tendency with engorging of anal vein. Piles in pregnancy condition 10 Ratanhia- The piles associated with burning pain occur during and after stool.Anus aches and burns for hours after stool. Feels constricted. Piles associated with fissure 11 Hamamelis - There is venous congestion and bleeding of piles. Bleeding falls drops wise while passing stool. 12 Millefolium- It is also giving in bleeding piles to arrest the bleeding 13 Paeonia-There is itching of anus. Burning in anus after stool. Chronic piles condition of painful nature.But it is always advised to take the medicines under the supervision of any qualified doctor.



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Cause of piles constipation & obesity
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