TMJ lock jaw

23Yrs, Male Himachal Pradesh. C/O - Left Temporomandibular joint lock and restricted movement . clicking sound from left TMJ. joint locks only sometimes and gets unlocks after few mouth movements. - N/Hof any injury - N/H of pain. what is your opinion respected doctors?

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you have asked about oral medicines........................... (!)GANDUSH-by kshirbala tails (2)yogainder rasa 2.5gms+samirpang 2.5gms+aswagandha-20 gms=30 doses 1bid with honey (3)rasnasaptak kwanth
Stanika abyanga +upanaha sweda. Gaddusha.
Please check the nature of the disease as per my understanding this may be a case of kapha avrutta vata, so give the vata kapha har chikitsa. Thank you.
Kawal Gandoosh Dharan is Helpful. Some exercises Prescribed by Physiotherapist are helpful.
Kavali nd gandoos Rasnasaptak kwath
Gandush dharan
Gandush dharan