Bilateral swelling since 6 months unresponsive to steroids

A 38 y/o female presented with bilateral swelling since 6 months unresponsive to antiallergic or steroid treatment. H/o uncomplicated pars plana lensectomy for ectopia lentis had been performed 26 years earlier in both eyes, and an intraocular lens exchange for post-traumatic IOL subluxation in the right eye 23 years before. Best-corrected visual acuity was 20/20 in both eyes (OD: −0.75 −2.75 × 17, OS −0.50 −3.50 × 124). Intraocular pressure was 17 mm Hg in the RE and 14 mm Hg in the LE. In your opinion now what should be done?

Patient is doing well post op Vision is 6/6 As long as eye is quite and vision is good and swelling is not very obvious, then reassuring patient with 6 monthly regular follow up is more than enough.
6by 6 vision both eye with Bilateral parsplana lensectomyand& iol implanted eye are quite so simply measure IOP and use lubricant drops
Check fundus examination,if necessary visual field . Regular follow up for every 1 year. Symptomatic placebo treatment is given .

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