Premature child of one and half months weighing around 2.2 kg had wept whole night In the morning the child is still crying, abdomen is little tense and hernia seems to be developed Is it right sided hernia or both sided Should we sent the child to surgeon or treat him conservatively


Hernia are common in premature babies . It seems b/l here . Give some sedative to the baby . Place an n/g tube in situ . Keep npo . Start i'v fluids . Urgent usg to r/o strangulation along with pediatric surgical opinion .
Preterm more prone to patency of processes vaginalis.,& therefore ii looks like left sided inguinal hernia, If you try and reduce it you may be successful. Refer to ped surgeon subsequently.
It should be Sent to pediatric surgeons for Inguinal hernia repair bilateral as soon as possible strangulated inguinal hernia
Must have to send Surgeon. B/L Inguinoscrotal hernia ? Strangulated May need urgent operation.
Thanks Dr Dipak Bhalerao

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Refer the case to pediatric surgeon. Inguinal hernias ? strangulated.
Stangulated hernia bilateral.need urgent surgical intervention
Thank you doctor
Urgent surgical treatment..seems to be strangulated hernia ...
Thank you doctor
Bilateral Inguinoscrtal hernia. Likely Strangulated.
Ingguino scortal hernia ....urgent surgery required
B/L inguinoscrotal hernia Urgent surgery
Thanks a lot Dr Dinesh Gupta Sir.. Ji

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