History of fall from stairs in a middle aged female.This type of swelling on medial aspect of left thigh .X-ray left thigh and hip normal.Weight bearing normal with all limb movements preserved.Management and diagnosis please.


subcutaneus heamatoma. external thrombophob ointment . a few days antibiotics. vit c. oral.
Check clinically, appears morel lavallee lesion. In that case arthroscopic debridement ( free fats removal and necrotic tissue excision) followed by compression bandage and vac, vitamin c will help greatly. Although small subcutaneous haematoma will get resolve with compression bandage . Check for haemoglobin and volume loss and treat accordingly
A sub cutaneous haematoma. Tab chymoral forte 6 hourly for 15 days. Antibiotics for 1 week. Sometimes the liquefaction portion of haematoma is complete in 3 weeks time and the liquefied haematoma can be aspirated
Thanks all for participation and making it a nice discussion. All views are very appreciative but personally I agree with Dr.Vijay Gupta and Dr.Janaki Sharan as the haematoma is quite massive. Thanks all.
Subcutaneous haematoma diagnosis is quite undigestible. 1:'bruise with diffuse swelling it maybe inflammatory swelling traumatic due to fall from stairs with echymosis due to capillary rupture underneath the skin.2:- on the other hand haematoma is collection of blood in subfacial plane which may be confirmed by needle aspiration. In both situation Tt is Conservative most likely in both cases swelling will resolve after 7days Tt. In case haematoma doesn't regress and push formation take place then Incision and drainage is done with proper dressing. @Dr. Shakti Singh

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Morale la velle lesion,,aserious injury,pt to be taken for surgery which includes draining of haematoma lying in subfascial plane,skin circulation is at risk , will need proper dressing and skin graft
Echymosis.. THROMBOPHOB cream, seratiopeptidase on an empty stomach.. Draining of Haematoma can also be considered..
Evidently Heamatoma .As there is no fracture' So Tt-Antibiotics , Vit C, & ext Thrombophobic ointment.
Subcutaneous hemotoma thrombophobe oint chymoralforte along with analgesics ice massage n antibiotics
Oral chymoral on empty stomach with vit c 500 mg with analgesic s os for about 1 week.
Subcutaneous hematoma, give tab. Warfarin, & oint thrombophob. Tab. Serratiopeptidase
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