Patient of polycystic ovary kindly suggest a good treatment


Dr. Ankit Agrawal sir, The cause of PCOS is still a mystery for everyone! But if we talk about Ayurved, Acharya sushruta has mentioned Bandhya a type of Yoni Vyapad, Acharya Charak described Arajaska, the symptoms of these both Yoni Vyapad can be correlate with PCOS! Or we can say Artava Kshaya is the PCOS according to Modern Science.... Artava Kshaya involves pitta and kapha dosha, meda, rasa, artava/shukra dhatu, and Rasa, Rakta, Artava Vaha srotas. The line of treatment will be Yoni Prakshalan with Panchavalkal Kwath followed by Panchanimbadi Tailam picchu dharan. - Shodhana (Panchakarma) if possible. Specially Basti, uttar basti and Vaman-Virechan. - Kanchanar Guggulu 1 tab BD - Chandraprabha Vati 1 tab BD - Dashmoolarishta 10ml BD Swanubhoot yoga of Pushyanug Churna + Punarnavadi Churna + Jatamamsi Churna + Shatpushpa churna + Kukkutand Twak Bhasma + Mandoor Bhasma + Hajral Yahood Bhasma = 3gm BD with Milk Yoga - Matasyasana, Pashchimottasana and surya namashkar followed by Dhyan. Strict diet plan! Avoid junk food, viruddha ahar vihar.
excellent treatment prakshalana with triphala kwath and pichu dharan with durva ghrta is also seen effective..

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pcos is a common condition now a days..happening mostly due to the unhealthy food habits and stressful life of the new era...the main chikitsa aims at kapha meda hara karma..regular yogasana s like matyasana vakrasana bhujangasana ..suryanamaskara if of very effective in this..and the shuld aim at decreasing body weight..and the cleansing of body..the shamana aushadhis very effective are:- varanadi kashayam 15ml bd with 30ml warm water.. sukumaram kashayam 15ml with 30ml warm water bd kanchanara guggulu 2bd rajapravartini vati 1bd with kashayam.. virechana to be done prior ..with 40gm kalyanaka gulam done after every 2 seen effective..
as polycystic overian disease is lifestyle oriented disease basically it should be corrected by correcting the living style of the patient...mainly foods having empty calories...such as bakery items n chocolates etc....patients will b showing tendencies of glucose intolerence n may have dm 2,n increase in their weight can prescribe madhu nashini tab according to the value of their grbs done along with chandraprabha vati and kumari asava n kanchanara guggulu....patients should be encouraged to do yogasanas which will stimulate the pituitary-ovarian axis such as halasana dhanurasana supta vajrasana etc..
PCOS is a very common disease these days occurring to every fourth female.It's reason is mainly hormonal imbalance.According to Ayurveda prakupit kaph blocks vat and pitta.So vat is blocked....ovum is not discarded, pitta is blocked.. transformation energy is blocked.Treatment consists of first of all 40 minutes walk in morning and Evening
syp M2 tone 2 tsf bd,Kanchnaar guggul 2 B.d and chanderprabha vati Rajahpravatini vati can be added of needed.

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Agree with Dr. Hemant...but decide the dose according to patient age and disease condition....and Dr. Ankit you didn't mentioned the age of the patient...So the treatment suggested by Dr. Hemant is very good...definitely you will get result...but I think you have to think about the dose properly.
Sir the age is itself in the pic that's why I didn't mentioned it And sir thanks for your useful answer

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sahachar tail anwasan basti improves quality of ovulation within normal days waman balances hormonal system internal consumption of aerndel helps to dissolve ovarian cysts.. kanchar guggul 1tds chandraprabha wati 2tds aarogyawardhini wati 2bd
shodhan - vaman karma shaman - kanchnar guggulu 3 bid tab hyponidd 2 bid patrangasava 20 ml bid with equal water triphala churna 3g + trikatu churna 1g bid yoga + pranayam
Homoeopathy can give a good result.Homopathic typical case taking needful..full body tendancy need repair..than hormonal disbalancy improved & achieve good result..
sir plz mention Ayurveda treatment in this division so that all ayurvedic practioner can learn...

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Tab M2tone and Tab hyponidd have good results in pcod along with 3 cycles of northisteron And lifestyle changes to reduce weight if she is obese
Majun Supari pak10gm subah and Itrifal Mukil 10 gm rat ko sote waqt 3 month InshaAllah ovarian cyst khatm ho jayenge
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