Few Rubrics for Autism - A Developmental Disability

Following are the few rubrics from Mind chapter of Kent's Repertory that can be looked upon in case of Autism: (Mind) Activity; fruitless (Mind) Answers; repeats the question first. (Mind) Anxiety (Mind) Automatisms (Mind) Biting nails (Mind) Break, things, desire to (Mind) Chaotic behavior (Mind) Development, of children arrested (Mind) Dissociation, environment, from (Mind) Dullness (sluggishness, difficulty of thinking) (Mind) Fists doubling (Mind) Gestures makes; automatic (Mind) Gestures makes; wild (Mind) Gestures makes; violent (Mind) Gestures makes; clapping of hands (Mind) Gestures makes; grasping or reaching (carphologia) (Mind) Gestures makes; involuntary motions, of hands (Mind) Gestures makes; pulls hair of bystanders (Mind) Kicks (Mind) Nibble, desire to (Mind) Playful; Indisposition to play, in children. (Mind) Restlessness (Mind) Rocking (Mind) Screaming, Shrieking, Shouting (Mind) Sensitive (oversensitive) (Mind) Sighing (Mind) Slowness (Mind) Speech; babbling (Mind) Spoken, to averse to being (Mind) Staring, thoughtless (Mind) Talk; indisposed, to, desire to be silent, taciturn (Mind) Talk; slow learning to (Mind) Talk; inapt to talk in public (Mind) Talks (Mind) Understanding; difficult (Mind) Writing; inability for (Mind) Writing; indistinctly writes Do write in the comments about the mistakes and additional rubrics.


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