5year female complain of pain only at night of both lower limb,???? Dx and treatment

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Vit d is low in most children in our country . Give stoss therapy . Sounds like benign nocturnal limb pain or popularly known as growing pain . It's isnt iron deficiency anemia since reports say normocytic normochromic instead of microcytic hypochromic . Syp calcimax for long term therapy simple analgesic at the time of pain .

Thank you doctor

Baby 5 years c/o nocturnal leg pain. CBC Slight low Hb,Leucolymphocytosis with low MCV,RBC count normal,normocytic normochromic. Mild anaemia is not a issue.In this case it may be due to Chronic infection. Baby to feed green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, spinach,bringel,carrot,beans,beatroot, cabbage. Vitamin D3 low. Investigation: Calcium level,TSH level, Electrolytes (specially Pottasium, Hyperkalemia may induce nocturnal leg pain) RFT. Growth pain also may give rise the same symptoms of leg pain. Treatment: Calcium/Vitamin D3/Vitamin E/Lcarnitine/Iron supplements may be added. Ibuprofen suspension SOS. Reassurance. Antibiotics. Rept CBC,ESR after 3-5days.

Vitamin deficiency

Syp Calcium 1tsf bd and ors intake

Seems to be Growing pains but do CBC 3 monthly because sometimes it could be ominous DD include Leukemias, Neuroblastoma

Vitamin D deficiency......

There is no iron deficiency as PBF is normocytic normochromic.

Look atMcv mch value

Baby of 5 yrs having nt pain of legs ,having mild iron deficiency anaemia with vit d deficiency Needs iron supplement 2mg /kg of elemental per day Calcium Vitamin D granules per week Add calcium protein iron rich diet Encourage leg stretch exercise

Growing Pain. Calcirol D3 1 sachet weekly. Multi vitamins orally. Pcm syp 1 tsf SOS. Hot water compression before going to bed can be useful. Green leafy vegetables and fruits with milk daily.

Thanks dear Iyer.

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Growing pains. Calcirol granules 1 sachet weekly for 8weeks. Syrup calcium 1 tsf bd

What about iron deficiency anemia

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