5yr/M,child having this type of lesion on rt hip since 1 m. Is it tenia inf. kindly suggest diagnosis & treatment..



Tinea corporis Antihistamine orally. Lulliconazole oint locally. Keto soap and lotion locally. Keep area clean and covered with sterile gauge. Keep area clean and covered with sterile gauge.

Thanks Dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Tinea incognito Tab Flucanazole 50mg weekly×4 Luliconazole ointment topically Ketoconazole soap to use Antiallergic

It's TINEA CORPORIS... clotrimazole lotion Fluconazole syrup... Clotrimazole dusting powder..

Tinea infec. Psoriasis T. Corporis Ring worm infection. Candid ointment Fluronazole syrup Clotrimazole powder Avoid dust

Tinea Incognito treatment Tab Terbinafine kid one daily for one month, Ointment Terbinafine 1% apply locally twice, Salsia KT soap for bath

T corporis

Thank you doctor

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@ tinea corporis - itratruff syp, lulicanazole ointment, terbinafine dusting powder, maintain hygeine

Tinea infection

Thank you doctor

Tinea corporis

Tinea incognito

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