5yr old male child with loss of hair since one year



Try it.. Tab.Hairful Tab.biotin Syp.Lycotus Minoxidil 5% Liquid For LA Protein Powder

Use Some Topical Steriod..For Short time..

alopecia totalis tab folitrax 2.5 mg once in week may tried for 6 months Along with inj vitcofol 2 ml once week Oral an topical steroid for short duration may tried Local minokem 5 may tried

dr vikas hv u tried dis treatment in any of ur pt ???any improvement???

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did u rule out baseline invistagions .rule out malignancy


This is Alopecia Totalis. Is there any history of Chemotherapy ??? If not may be Autoimmune. Treatment Methotrexate Corticosteroids. May require hair transplant. Dermatologist specialized in Trichology is the better judge.

right sir

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child seems to suffer alopecia totalis. Since scalp does not showing any remanant hair follicle roots or scalp is smooth totally. It is cicatricial alopecia.skin biopsy must be taken.ciacatrial alopecia has no Tt.

Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata) Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition resulting in hair loss. The immune system of the body mistakenly stops hair growth for unknown reasons. Hair loss may be patchy or sparse and may involve the rest of the body in addition to the scalp. Hair in most people spontaneously regrows, though recurrences of the condition are also typical. Genetic and environmental factors play a role in hair loss; the condition may be seasonal as well. Signs and Symptoms Hair loss most commonly occurs on the scalp, but it can also target the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and other body sites. Symptoms may include the following: Round, patchy areas of non-scarring hair loss, ranging from mild to severeMild: 15 scattered areas of hair loss on the scalp and beardModerate: More than 5 scattered areas of hair loss on the scalp and beardSevere: loss of all of the hair on the scalp and bodyScalp burning (without redness), accompanying lesionsPitting and ridging of the fingernailsHairs that do grow back often lack color, or may be either temporarily or permanently white. This hypopigmentation is not seen in other forms of alopecia. When to Seek Medical Care Those experiencing areas of patchy hair loss are advised to seek evaluation from a primary care provider or dermatologist. Treatments Your Physician May Prescribe Both topical and systemic medications may be prescribed, as well as injections. Treatments include: Localized steroid injections (to help speed regrowth)Clobetasol propionate gel or solution, a potent topical steroidAnthralin cream, a topical irritantLight therapyTopical steroids plus minoxidil (Rogaine)Systemic steroids, such as prednisone, though they have no long-term benefit and are not recommended for use beyond the short-term

nice explanation Dr farooq sir

D/ds include alopecia areata and tinea Capitis. Kindly consider KOH examination of scrapings /biopsy/ ruling out other autoimmune disorders (diabetes or thyroiditis). Pulse therapy may be considered if alopecia areata.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis

Same case with my child. It is Alopecia totalis....no treatment

Alopecia Totalis..Aply lo biotouch hair oil for 3month. T.Biotouch total 1 daily for 3month

yes we can do biopsy to rule out malignancy

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