6 month old infant passing blood in stool. Started with loose watery stool , today (3rd day) -



is the baby exclusively breast fed . then chances of dysentary are less . was cows milk introduced recently . my d/d cows milk protien intolerance dysentary . if bleeding persists more than 24 hrs with abdominal pain intussuception should b suspected .

It maybe 1.Infective Colitis, accompanied by fever, exess cry, 2.Cows milk protein allergy, DDs,Intessuption, Meckels duverticulum,

Thank you doctor

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Send stool routine. Start oral/IV antibiotics accordingly Assess degree of dehydration, start IV fluids sos. Start ORS, zinc supplements , probiotics. W/f dehydration.

Thank you doctor

Aloes soc-30 TID x 5 days

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