6 y/o child with abdominal pain

A 6 y/o girl child complaints of vomiting and abdominal pain for 2 days. She does not complain of fever & diarrhea. She is eating properly still lost some weight, she looks pale. Her birth was uncomplicated. There is no family or previous disease history. Tempature is 38.3 degree C, BP: 105/70 mmhg, Pulse rate: 125 bmp, Respiratory rate 40 bpm. WBC: 11,000/mm3 N 70%, L 25% Hb: 13.5 g/dL Hct: 40% Platelets: 355,000/mm3. What other investigations should be ordered? What next should be done?



Female patient should b investigated for uti first. By doing urine r/e n c/s . Do liver function test too. U didn't mention where the pain is located. It forms a important part of history taking n examination. Might b a case of simple gastritis.

6yr old girl presents with pain and. Vomiting no fever no loose stool.urine for c/s re me USG wa liverr function test serum amylase .NPM for 24 hour.to maintain fluid and electrolyte. Antibiotics anti spasmodic ppi to start.

Ask for LFT RFT RE URINE USG of whole ABDOMEN, X-RAY ABDOMEN in erect position to ruled out Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy, APPENDICITIS, Subacute Intestinal obstruction, Serum Electrolytes RE STOOL

Abdominal pain wth vomiting Treat symptomaticaly Rullout out anaemia Adv cbc urin rutin sr.bil LFT Sos USG abdomen


Tnx Dr Bhim Singh

D/d-1-acute uti. 2-renal concreations. 3-acute gastritis. 4-abdominal infections. 5-worms less likely. Advise-urine examination. Usg whole abdomen. Chances of viral infection cannot be excuded since history is short. Meanwhile iv fluid antiemetic antacid may be given. Then as per reports.

Her blood pressure is above 95th centile for her age . Pl. Rule out renal pathology . Complete urine analysis particularly for RBC , culture for UTI and then go for USG abdomen

sir, Can it be case of worm infestation? If not why? @Pradip Kumar Bhattachrya

Yes it may be a case of round worm infestation.anthelmentics may be given after pain Subsides.

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Lft, urine routine and USG abd. Watch for the site of pain like epigastric region (? gastritis).

Temp is high,with increase HR and RR HB is normal.Rule out UTI

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