6 year old male, vaccines UTD. Presented with rash 1 day prior and diagnosed with varicella by another provider in my office. At the time he had no other symptoms. The rash is both pruritic and painful. Today the rash has become much worse, looks totally different from yesterday and he has developed a headache.No fever. This rash is also on his buttocks. He has a macular rash on the soles of his feet. Palms are spared. He has a single papule on his nose but otherwise his face is spared. No oral lesions. No known exposures. No new meds.. Is this varicella? An atypical hand foot mouth? Other suggestions? (The white streaking in some of the pictures is dried calamine lotion)



Morbilliform rash differential diagnosis, measles, rubella, enteroviruses , drug rash , chikungunya, etc. Certainly not chikenpox. Most likely enteroviruses.

It is neither chicken pox nor HFMD. It may be an allergic dermatitis

Contact dermatitis - irritant DD- Insect bite. Vesicular lesion’s are absent, hence varicella and HF& Mouth are unlikely.

It's not chicken pox. It's allergic dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis.

viral exantham

Contact dermatitis

Allergic Contact Dermatitis

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