6 yrs 20 kg male child having painful nodular swelling since 2wks,,,what it is and how to manage,,,,,is it a thyroglossal cyst or else



It must be a simple abscess.

Antibiotics for acute infection then sistrunk operation for thyroglossal cyst

Thyroglosal cyst , sistrunk operation

Thyroglossal cyst will move with deglutition and protrusion of tongue. D/d: Infected thyroglossal cyst Infected pretracheal LN Infected sebaceous cyst

I think it cant b sebaceous cyst....no punctum visible

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Thyroid USScan . Ac. Thyroiditis with pointed swelling. ?.

I agree with Dr Mohammed Yasir.

Infected thyroglossal cyst,give antibiotic and then do sistrunk operation

Infected thyroglossal cyst

Agree @ Dr. Muhammad Yaser.

It's surely an abscess.. First Do an usg.. Then do I n d. Sent for culture n sensitivity , afb staining and cytology.. Once abscess S drained and wound healed then evaluate.. If swelling recurs could b thyroglossal cyst - Do sistrunk electively Could b tb abscess- start on att Simple Abscess- I n d will settle it Infected dermoid cyst - excision later once infection subsides

Agree with Dr Simon V S

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