60/female known diabetic came with history of fall; interpret x ray



Inter-trochanteric fracture Rt Femur Needs ORIF with Dynamic Hip Screw (DHS) & derotation screw under BSL control to the tune of FPG around 120 mg/dl & PPPG around 180-200 mg/dl.

She has sustained sub trochanteric fracture Initially she can be put in skin traction to reduce the pain and maintain the length. Fracture can be fixed with both nail and plate I would prefer a nail for early mobilisation which is very important in this age group

Intertrochanteric fracture The head piece separate with neck Greater trochanter separate Needs ORIF with DHS and derotation screw

Intertrochanteric fracture Right Femur ORF

Intertrochanteric fracture of rt femur advised operative fixation of fracture by nail and plate under cover of higher antibiotics and antilnflamatoryand pain killer drugs

# extrochanteric#rt femurupper1/3rd with displacement Rx open reduction with fixation

Rt fracture femur upper shaft admit control DM fitness for operation replacement head & ball

Sub trochanteric fracture

Intertrochanteric fracture _reverse oblique PFN

RT femur fracture

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