60 male cough fever for past 2 weeks nicotine abuse discuss x ray and management



Extensive patchy infiltration both Lung fields, Left > Right with Cavitery lesion LMZ. Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Confirm by Sputum AFB and CBNAAT.

Fibronodular cavity in lt lower zone near lt cardiac border with extensive infiltrates bilateral suggestive of pul tb. Confirm by cbc esr sputum smear for afb mt and cbnaat sos hrct and start ATT



There's bilateral diffuse infiltrates in both the lungs with left more than right. Tuberculosis involves apices and upper lobes more than middle and lower ones and bilateral involvement is also rare in tuberculosis. So, a sputum analysis is required for afb, gram stain, culture, nocardia, fungus along with bnp levels. Other routine tests like CBC, rft,lft and hbaIC required. We should keep possibilities like fluid overload state, staph pneumonia, fungal pneumonia etc. Start with amoxicillin i.v till cultures and other reports come.

Bilateral infiltrates more on left S/o PTB

PTB Bileteral fluffy infiltration of lungs. To rule out go for sputum for AFB. CBC. Sputum for CBNNAT. Sputum for Fungal elements. HRCT chest. ATT associated with coarse of Antibiotics Tab Augumentin 625 mg Tds. Tab cyfolac 100 mg tds. Tab PCM 500 mg sos. Cough Suppressant.

Extensive patchy infiltration both lung field. Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Diffuse patchy infiltration in both lungs c fibrocavitary lesion on LMZ.Do sputum for AFB, CBNAAT.Likely to be a case of PTB

bilateral infilterates more on left s/o ptb

Bronchiectasis changes

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