60 yr female admitted with sudden onset vertigo.without any history of diabetes hypertension etc.



Posterior fosa ,intraceribellar hematoma with oedema. To reduce pressure measures may be required so as to reduce vertigo.Neurosurgical consultation is required for decision regarding evacuation of hematoma.Investigation to determine the cause of bleeding such as avm or berry aneurysm or other.

Left cerebellar hypertensive hematoma... Needs urgent evacuation as 4th ventricle compressed and patient will deteriorate rapidly...

Left Cerebellar Haemorrhage..

cerebellar bleed

Acute intracerebellar bleed.

Left cerebellar bleed

Left sided cerebellar hemorrhage Since there is no history of hypertension tumor with bleed / AVM bleed is also a possibility Urgent Neurosurgery needed as 4th ventricle is compressed

Left cerebellar bleed .. should be referred to a neurosurgeon if there is poor gcs

Left cerebellar astrocytoma or glioma

Left cerebellum bleed

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