60 yr male with difficult during urinating and usg shows mild prostatomrgaly. Kindly help me with


A case of L.U.T.S ( lower urinary tract syndrome) . Get uroflowmetry , urine for routine and culture/ sensitivity done . Also get a P.S.A done Meanwhile start with Silodosin 8 mg O.D , tab Ofloxacin 400 mg O.D and a urinary alkaliser

Difficulty in urinating may be because of UTI, Lower urinary obstruction, ? BPH . stricture ,urinary stone . Look for residual urine , pyuria/ hematuria , Needs investigations

Check PSA .urine culture and sensitivity. Better consult Urolovist for Alpha blocker..

Adv Routine blood investigations PSA Urodynamic study If the PSA levels r high den it’s better to Go for Surgery

Duration of symptoms?

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