60 yr old came with co Dyspnoea on exertion Interpret X Ray findings



Rt side diaphragm border incomplete Silhouette positive Rt lower lobe collapse

Collapse and consolidation Rt lower lobe

Right lower lobe collapse

Right lower lobe collapse

Collapse/ consolidation medial basal segment of lower lobe Rt lung ; could be differentiate by clinical examn and auscult, leucocytosis, CT lung for obstructive/malignancy in bronchial tributarie ; spontaneous process yo consider last,

B/l decreased air entry in lower lobes with prominent bronchvascular lines.So should be considered ILD with super added infection.Antibiotic cover plus Montair-L with sos bronchodilators may suffice.

Copd with Aortc notch ( Volvular Heart diseases) ??? minimal cardiomegaly with Infection

Rt Basal infective pathology CT chest will be helpful to confirm the diagnosis

Rt lower lobe collapse ? Bronco neoplasm / foreign body

Right lower lobe atelectasis

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