60 yr old male, gradual onset(6-8 months) lesion over the nasal ala, painless, no intranasal extension, no cervical lymphadenopathy. How would you proceed and what are your probable diagnoses?



looks like basal cell ca biopsy for conf. then further Tt.

Any tumor or growth ,long standing & no pain always suspect malignancy. That's why pt reports late with late diagnosis & late Tt after disease has progressed far more

bcc confirmation by biopsy Rx. Excision by 0.5. cms healthy margin followed by reconstruction.

Dr Indranil If not Bcc Then a variant of BCC, 1.Fibroepithelioma of Pinkus 2.Keratoacanthoma (molluscum sebaceum)

Probably the case infected sebaceous cyst. rx excision. .

It is easy for me to disagree as i already operated on the patient. But the purpose behind my post is the surprising diagnosis which I admit never occured to me as well.

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Rodent ulcer (BCC)

Biopsy indeterminate- pathologist asked for more tissue. Excised it with local flap recon. HPE with IHC revealed a variant of T Cell Lymphoma. PAtient is now under Medical Oncologist.

Looks like BCC. Pls get a biopsy done

Clinical appearance is like bcc. do a biopsy, confirm and if so excise. also reconstruct. many local advancement flaps available

What's the hpe report

Melanotic lesion ADVISED BIOPSY

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