60 yr old male Swelling chest (sternum) firm..on MRI seems to in relation to sternum.. Small foci of bone destruction..

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Shows plenty of neutrophils, occasional histiocytes & few plasma cells.Possibly Abscess.However advised Bx & IHC with monoclonal CD38 to r/o underlying myeloma in view of age, lytic lesion & plasma cells.

On first impression seems to be suppurative inflammatory abscess as lots of neutrophils and necrosis seen... But plasma cells also present in significant number and plasma cell dyscrasia is another strong differential Diagnosis.. Investigation like urine or serum protein electrophoresis, urine Bens Jones protein, serum calcium, ESR, PS study with CBC etc needs to be done.. Clinical correlation as well. Biopsy advisable

Occasional Plasma cells admixed with plenty of neutrophils. P/O Plasmacytoma. Kindly investigate accordingly.

plasma cell dyscrasia advice electrophoresis Serum protein

Likely is myeloma. Adv.ESR,Calcium,S.Creat.BJ protein in urine S.protein;A:G,electrophoresis reports correlation

Looks like Plasma cell neoplasm. Needs further evaluation for confirmation and typing

Acute suppurative lesion But plasma cell dyscrasia should be ruled out

Abscess Supputative

Mix with plasma cell abscess inflammatory cell?

? Inflammatory lesion

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