60 yr old man came complaints of itching present in the leg for past 1 year & give dd &treatment for this case

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Infected eczematous dermatitis.. Antibiotic Amoxyclave 625 TID.. Antihistaminic.. Tab omnacortil 20 mg in tapering dose.. Clobetasole and neomycin ointment locally

Irritatant eczematous dermatitis Lizolid Tab. Zamflex Tab. Alvita Cream. Terbicip

infected eczema

infected eczema


Infected eczema with secondary

Infected eczematous dermatitis following varicose veins &/or vasculitis also to rule out tobacco smoking or chewing. Treat infection prescribe vasodilators also.

verrucious lichen planus

Filariasis, since it is unilateral.

Filariasis, since it is unilateral.


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