60 yrs male Hb-12.6 Wbc-41000 Neutrophils-87% Lymphocytes-10 Eosinophil-01 Mono-2 Platelet 1.30lac PBS Your valuable opinion please


PS : N/N - N/H. Thrombocytopenia. Leukocytosis predominantly constituted by Mononuclear lymphoplasmacytoid/ Plasmacytoid cells. Appears to be constituting > 20%. Possibilities : Plasma cell dyscrasia- Plasma cell leukemia, NHL spill over. Correlate with clinical presentation, Radiology & Electrophoresis

Wbc.. images do not look like a tc of 41000. ........ neutrophils don't look like 87 pc. Many lymphomononuclears /plasmacytoid cells. RBC..Predominantly normochromic normocytic..mildly hypochromic. Platelets low. Pls exclude plasma cell disorder and Lymphoma spillover. Sug.clinical correlation. skeletal survey .....bone marrow study

Roulex formations Plasmacytoid cells Bone marrow to rule out plasma cell disorders

Plasma cell disorder

Plasma cell disorder However, clinical evaluation, imaging study and BM study for needful.

Plasma cell disorder

Many plasmacytoid cells,, ? Plasma cell disorder,,kindly do workup in that way

plasmacytoid cells seen. work up for myloma

Smears show a high tlc with plasmacytoid cells & occasional neutrophils. RBc . Normocytic normochomic. Roloux formation also evident. Plat mild reduce d. Possibility of plasma cell neoplasm is strong. Adv Spe/ IFE & skeletal survey

leukaemoid reaction

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