What is cause of restless leg?

Restless leg is also said as Restless legs syndrome (RLS). It is caused by....... ** Low levels of iron (iron deficiency). **Uremia (a condition associated with worsening kidney function). **Hypothyroidism. **Depression. **Fibromyalgia. **Parkinson's disease. **Kidney disease **.Diabetes.
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It's a movement disorder. Many causes such as metabolic, neurological, nutritional deficiencies, drug side effects, repetitive movements, psychological,
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Overuse, peripheral neuropathy, metabolic disorder, degenerative disorder , hepatic disease, anemia, etc. are causes of restless leg
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Causes are: Metabolic disease, overuse, kidney disease, peripheral neuropathy, degenerative disease, etc.
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Multiple cause 1. Vitamin B 12 Defeciency 2. Calcium Defeciency 3. Poor Diet 4. Nerve Compression

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