My daughter 8 years old 28 kg having fever with vesicular rash for 2 days . She is on cefixime , paracetamol, antihistamines, and lactocalamine lotion since yesterday ... I start acyclovir 200 mg 6 hourly today.. Need your expert opinion.

it is chicken pox....give oral antihistaminics and lactocalamine lotion for local application. patacetamol for fever. acyclovir is not required unless it is complicated one..continue cefixime once started although required to treat secondary bacterial infection..hope she recovers soon..
it appears like chicken pox it's self limiting just manage fever with what u are already using no practical use of acyclovir and antibiotics...Use tab extammune 1bd (ayurvedic ) for 10 days and maintain proper hygiene... ...
I feel aciclovir is to be given as it prevents chances of getting zoster in future.more so natural course is going to give many scars specifically for females, start acivir as early as possible.
chicken pox,, treatment u started is right,start sy atarex and one's all is over start hexilax gel if scar's present
yes u r right in starting Acyclovir, this vesicular rash appears to be Varicella. Dr Brahmananda Pediatrician.
Anti viral In chicken pox in children below 12 Years is not needed unless severe. I concur with Jayesh
its chickenpox try acyclovir,azithromycin,paracetamol, antihistamine,& lactocalamine lotion
chicken pox.. antihistamine,caladryl lotion,sos paracetamol.
varicella zoster ...acyclovir @20mg/kg /dose tid for 7daya
better to continue acyclovir for 7days,can stop cefixim.
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