25yr male patient presented with history of pain and swelling of the Lt side submandibular region of few days duration, pain increases on eating foods, what is the diagnosis and how to manage the case.


Submandibular sialoadenitis. To rule out any stone in duct or gland manual palpation or usg needed. If evaluated stone to be removed under LA in the duct & the gland under GA. If no stone detected FNAC advised. Infection I'd treat ed with antibiotics , tumors by excision.
Submandibular sialadenitis,give clavam625 for 5 days,metrogyl400 for,5days,and an acec+para+seratiocomp.of analgesic for 5 days, if symptom persist,then I agree with Dr debasis sir
acute parotitis.....
Sialolithiasis it should be Treated by means of lithotripsy if small calculi in duct or surgical removal of it If lesion recurrs then left submandibular gland excision is advised
Ranula. USG neck to rule out submandibular sialedenitis. If ruled out then excise or marsupialise the ranula
Sub mandibular salivary gland dialect oasis with ? Stone. Antibiotics and excision biopsy.
Bicomplex ...antioxidant.. Sumoflam....metrogyl DG gel for massage
Sub mandibular salivary adenitis
Submandibular sialoadenitis