8 year old male child patient with complaint of : Unable to stand from sitting position Difficulty in walking, walk with support Cannot stand without support GDD + Spastic diplegia Mala pravruti : 1 times/day ( niram) mutra pravruti : 6-7 times/day ( niram) Prakruti: Kaphavata Respiratory examination: B/L crepitations Sketomuscular examination: 1. spasticity in both lower limbs 2. Rigidity in lower limb joints 3. Deep tendon reflexes: Exaggerated Development history: Delayed development Birth history: Full term , prolonged labor 1st cried after 5 min of delivery Past History: High grade fever at the age of 1 week Surgery done for tendon Achilles tightening at the age of 4 year. Lab investigations Subtle Abnormal T2 / flair hypointense signals seen in B/L petro occipital, mild pucity of white matter also seen in the B/L cerebral hemisphere, These finding most likely represented to perinatal hypo ischemic insult near conplete hyposenesis or the body splenium of the corpus callosum noted. CAUSE OF DISEASE : ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy FINAL DIAGNOSIS: DIPLEGIC CEREBRAL PALSY TREATMENT PROTOCOL ACCORDING TO AYURVEDA 1. Brahmi churna - 500 mg 2 times with madhu 2. Shankhpushpi Churna - 250 mg 2 times with madhu 3. Godanti Bhasma- 100 mg 2 times with madhu 4. Vacha churna- 150 mg 2 times with madhu 5. Sarvanga Abhyanga - 20 min in morning 6.Shashti shali pinda sweda : 20 min in morning 7. Sarvanga Nadi Swedana with Nirgundi Patra 8. Physiotherapy 9. Matra Basti : 10 ml at night after meal 10. Bala moola kwatha : 10 ml 2times 11. Brahmi ghrita 12. Brahma rasayana After treatment of 35 days : Improve MILESTONES @#cap Admin Ayurveda


Very nice treatment protocol But children dont take churan easily so can follow vati and asav asirta more for pediatrics cases
Dear Dr. Aniruddhasinh Rathod Sir, Very nice and proper line of treatment.
Thank you sir