Pectoral pain

X-Rays of the previous case posted. Kindly give the findings. Symptoms worsening a bit. C/o Pain & swelling over right pectoral area, breathlessness after walking for 5-10 mins, inability to eat , nauseating, Giddiness & insomnia.


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X-ray is normal. Check MMT for pectoralis major, minor & serratus anterior, costal muscles too. Check muscle length. Rule out first where is pain? What type of pain he/she feels & there is any trigger point pain or regional pain??
Please do read the linked case history. Thank you
No bony injury Cervical spondylosis with loss of cervical lordosis, suggestive of paraspinal muscle spasms
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Check for muscle spasm , check for dowager hump, check ROM, there is straightening of spine present , check for the trapz tightness If all these then go for pain reduction and release tight muscles and do check the posture is it forwrad neck posture if yes then check for pecs tightness
C5/6 level posterior disc osteophyte complex If local lesions are not causing symptoms,get MRI cervical spine
Xary nra may be pathology in muscular plane r breast Needs usg soft tissue scan
Thank you doctor
Straightening of cervical spine Osteoporosis and Osteophytic lesions seen