60y male presented with Breathlessnes s. pls help with xr findings



X-ray findings (1) cavitatory shadow rt upper zone (2)Erosion of the medial part of clavicle.. (3) prominent broncho vascular markings (4)multiple small scattered nodular opacity both lungs (5) trachea deviated to right Needs CECT /HRCT Thorax as a next step investigations..

pt seems to be a case of COPD with old case of Pulm koch,s . adv : sp. for AFB , Pulse oximetry, ECG.treat with Antibiotics and bronchodilator,nebulisers or i/v

also do CECT thorax to rule out malignancy and other associated pathology.

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X ray Chest:- Riht Upper lobe cavitary lesion , Apical fibrotic strands, Right basal Bronchiectasis, Bilateral calcified nodules and infiltrates. Suggestive of Mostly Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Work up advised: Sputum AFB x 3 days. Sputum Gm stain/Culture/Gene xpert. Tuberculin/HIV/CBC, ESR. --HRCT chest. Medications: Bronchodilators,Cough Syrup. If investigations confirm Tuberculosis,put on Standard 4 drug AKT regimen. (If TB tests come negative,give Antibiotic course). Do baseline Liver function test prior to starting AKT.

1. cavity R upper zone 2. consolidation R mid zone 3.partial consolidation R lower zone 4. old calcified foci both sides. ... ..? pulmonary Kochs + copd

sputum afb(2 samples ,1 morning another at least 1 hr apart,3 samples not needed),c/s,malignant cytology,simple antibiotics like amoxycillin(not flouroquinolones) 500 tds,bronchodilator inhalors,...spo2,ecg(to r/o cardiac causes),cect if required(more informative about lymph node,less radiation than hrct)...likely cavitary ptb

Diffuse bilateral destructed lungs, most probably due to tuberculosis. Rt apical cavity is also visible. Do sputum AFB to rule out reactivation or Recurrence. HRCT chest. Rx Antibiotics, bronchodilators oxygen sos

Rotated film showing Rt upper zone cavity with bilateral upper zone fibrosis along with scattered fibrocalcified lesion in the rest of the lung fields. Rt midzone haziness appears to be enhanced soft tissue shadow owing to the rotation. Hyperinflation and Rt hilar opacity is also present. Probably Post tb sequelae with Obstructive Airway Disease

Miliary pulmonary koch's with cavity tight upper lobe, advised AKT.

seems to be PT sequele ,with hyperinflated lungs Do sputum AFB, Treat with oxygen, bronchodilators, antibiotics

rt upper zone cavity ..bil infiltration..copd picture..to rules out pulmonary Koch..sputum afb..hrct / cect...give antibiotics..

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