60y/o male with essential thrombosis high platelets on 1000mg Hydra/d and 75mg Aspirin/d presented with severe mouth cankers largest 10mm on the tongue, patient has difficulty eating and taking fluids. He tried the usual mouthwash and OTC gels but little success. Suggestions, please!



Hydroxyurea contains a black-box warning because it can cause a severe drop in the number of blood cells in your bone marrow. This can increase your risk of a serious infection or bleeding. Hydroxyurea also contains a black-box warning because the medicine may increase your chance of developing other cancers. Common side effect of hydra includes sores in the mouth Even if hydra is given in overdose it produces ulcers in the mouth. Ask patient whether the macroglossia is present from before only or after his treatment has been started. Here use of aspirin is also critical. Refer patient to a oncologist.

Ulcer on the lateral border of tongue Teeth indentations are also seen Macroglossia? Sharp teeth? Odontoplasty can be done on the offending teeth and dologel can be prescribed along with multivitamins

Also rule out obstructive sleep apnea

Aphthous ulcer Scalloped tongue (is any anxiety,sleep apnea,dehyration,ill fittingdenture) Advice dentogel,multivitamin,if prolonged give corticosteroid oinment

Aphthous ulcer Ointment Multivitamine Avoid spicy food

Becosule bd Tab.ribagen tds metrogel dg gel

Apthous Stomatitis

Apthous Stomatitis

Apthous ulcer

Aphthous ulcer Or oral aphthous. Vit C chewable tab OD X 1 MONTH. BIFILAC LOZENGES chewable OD X 10 - 15 days. Zinc CARNOSINE +LIGNOCAINE GEL APPLY LOCALLY 4-5 TIMES/DAY. Sy. LIV52 DS 10ml BDAC X 1 MONTH. I THINK BETTER FOR THE PATIENT.

Steroid mouth wash, using Betnesol soluble tablets, or efcorlin pellets , oral folic acid. All the other suggestions like oral hygiene, dental care and vitamins are valid .

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