60yr old male pt with white fibrous type growth on palate..diagnose and trtmnt plan?



Pt might b keeping tobacco in that area so due to persistent irritation it might happened. Premalignant.if conditions has higher chances of becoming malignant than normal mucosa and we are not sure that it is definitely premalignant. It vl b proved after having histopathology report. So there is no harm in removing lesion.

But Madam how come patient would keep tobacco over Palate? Agreed by your rest answer..

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before u give d question like this, u must also tell shape. size, mobility, whether bleeds on touch and his habits and any lymph node palpable. this is not exam and this not spotter. please understand

Any history of tobacco, smoking or other forms? It can be Leukoplakia. Is it an exophytic growth? Kindly Post clinical picture for better diagnoses and opinions.

ya pyusha history of tobacco chewing..but not exfoliative type grwoth

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This is leukoplakia disease..and Before you can do investigation Biopsy for HPE

Advised biopsy, it's squamous cell carcinoma.

To do biopsy. It looks like Leukoplakic lesion. Could b premalignant.if possible, remove completely.

mam what is the use of removal of premalignet lesion

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first think we should go for punch biopsy without disturbing deeper planes. second we ahould go For CAT scan of head and neck- paranasal sinuses. then we can decide about further course.

is he a diabetic? of yes rule out invasive fungal sinusitis with a ct scan of nose and PNS..if he is not diabetic do biopsy and rule out malignancy

Please do biopsy..do ct for bone erosion...plan for wide local excision with reconstruction

Biopsy, CT PNS

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