60yr old with migraine like symptoms and emotional imbalance..



migraine induced encephalopathy vs adult onset metaleukodystrohy

Diffuse bilateral periventricular and deep white matter T2 hyperintensity, predominantly involving anterior temporal and frontal lobes, cerebral atrophy DDs - small vessel dementia ( Binswanger disease) / CADASIL

ya.. also note bil external capsule atrophy..

normal pressure hydrocephalus ??

notice white matter changes.. n atrophy

Symmetrical white matter changes. Please upload axial GRE and sagittal T2 /T2FLAIR image.

not certain

Frontal lobe infarction with cerebral atrophy.

In Naturopathy first do yogic-shatkarm Jal-Neti after then slow step of kapal-bhati-kriya and nadi-shodhan-pranayam . Surgeryis not essential .

It's a leukodystrophy ,, symmetric nature,, with cystic degeneration in anterior temporal lobes suggest that it's degenerative CADASIL is one possibilty

According to Naturopathic treatment in migraine like symptoms and emotional imbalance first treat with yogic-shatkatm neti & dhoti after then Bhramari-Pranayam .

bilateral peri ventricular luekomalacia possibility of small vessels disease

too much symmetrical. and no white matter is spared. leucodystrophy is a strong possibility.

white matter changes..corpus callosal agenesis?and periventricular changes..the CSF spaces are wide opened..so hydrocephalus less likely.Any neurologist's opinion?

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