60yrs/f having this type of skin lesion since 3years Sever itching Itching subsided by taking tab hydrazine No other symptoms of uti,arthritis,conjunctivitis Chest,cvs -nad Please give ur valuable diagnosis and treatment Thank u



Rx Solar Dermatitis Tab Wysolone 1BD * 7 days Every alt day *7 days Tab Atarax 14 mg 1BD Oint Pretimycin Apply Twice daily

Dr Shivraj What is Prerimycin...

Dr Pankaj I agree with others It's Chronic actinic dermatitis The lesions around mouth can be seborrhoeic dermatitis following sun damage. Treatment For face Ketaconazole cream with desonide cream mix and apply in morning and night Antihistamines of your choice For neck and arms Sunscreen In morning Mometasone cream with salicylic acid ointment Apply in night Tab methyl prednisolone or deflazacort is better than wysolone. Give 4mg or 6mg respectively for 10 says. Patient has to cover the skin from sun exposure as much as possible. Better cover with the screen while going out if sunscreen is not used. It will take 4 weeks for complete recovery.

Think of Photosensitivity . Sunscreen in the morning after oil application before bath. Night steroid cream and anti oxident tab in the morning and antihistamine in the night

Photosensitive dermatitis due to sun light. Rx Tab cetrazin HS Coconut oil at bed time Sunscreen lotion during day time. Avoid exposure to sun light Antioxidant.

solar keratosis rx avoid sun exposure. topical application of steroid cream. Oral hydroxizine25mg bid . Systemic steroid in tapperd manner. .

Photo contact dermatitis. Sunscreen Topical steroids Antihistamines After lft, rft and ophthalmological examination can start hcq 200mg bd

actinic / photodermatitis. Air born contact dermatitis if pt. Farmer or working in agriculture

Photophytodermatitis if occupation is farming

Photo contact dermatitis


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