60yrs male /known hypertensive on regular trtmnt -telma 50 n amlodipine 5....c/o giddiness since 1 day..read d ecg n help in diagnosis n treatment

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Ecg is showing junctional rhythm try to rule out secondary causes like hyperkalemia, although looks unlikely it can be sick sinus syndrome, so after rulling out hyperkalemia, send extended 48 HOUR HOLTER study, also send thyroid function tests

Complete heart block with nodal rhythm.First temporary pacing needs to be done urgently.Check for correctable causes such as hyperkalemia.If no correctable causes are found advised permanent pacemaker implantation.

may be hyperkalemia..

or junctional rhythm

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Bradycardia rt axis deviation heart block with hyperkaelemia no p wave

Junctional escape rhythm Narrow pointed T wave with flat st segment Check S.K, S.calcium, S.Mg

Ventricles are beating at their own rhythm of about 45. No impulse is reaching ventricles from SA node. Advised pacing.

Anterior wall ischaemia with LVH.

Junctional rhythm

see K+...it is a case of hyperkalemia...due to ? crf

initially v tried wd 2 shots of atropine ...it din improve...den started isoprenaline infusion

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