60yrs male rt axillary lymph node 3cmsx2cms. FNAC was performed. Give ur diagnosis.


Possibility are..1.Granuloma with pleomorphic immunoblasts or RS look alike cells or pseudoRS cells..2.lymphoma HL with granulomatous reaction. Sug.clinical correlation. Biopsy.IHC

Thanks all who have responded. Highly possible a case of Hodgkin lymphoma. As inguinal lymph node is also enlarged. But mets cannot be ruled out. So adviced biopsy and further workup.

Diff diag Lymphoma , Metastatic carcinoma Adv Biopsy work up

Epithelioid granuloma and binucleate large cells on background of lymphocytes and rbc.

Its a granulomatus lesion.

drug induced lymphadenopathy

Granulomatous lesion

Possibly granulomatous lesion

Granulomatus lesion.

Hodgkin lymphoma

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