A female 28 yrs came in emergency with severe pain in lower abd. 2 days


What àbout Vital Data ? Severe pain associated with toxic look ? Pt not pregnant & adnexal mass is around 6.5×4.5 so it wasn't be Ectopic Possibility of Torson of mass As it is associated with free fluid so Doppler is informative ...
Pain within 2days information of torsion adrnexal mass stat acute abdomen
Plz provide full history like her lmp. If missed period then do upt. Rule out ectopic
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy check out and post for emergency lap

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Please repeat scan....
?Tubal Pregnancy.
Usg shows tubal ovarian mass.. Its most probably ectopic pregnancy If pregnancy ruled out CECT abdomen mandatory..
Do UPT, CA-125. If ectopic ruled out, go for CECT abdomen for better delineation of the mass. Proceed accordingly
Pt. Not pregnant
Do upt.if pregnancy..most probably ectopic..do take history of lmp...and pv bleed...
Please take a video of report so we can read properly with your clinical findings .
rule out appendicitis by T&,D test
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