Acute onset of sharp abdominal pain & increased abdominal girth

A 56 y/o Gravida 1, Para 0 female presented after an acute onset of sharp abdominal pain followed by a pre-syncopal episode and light-headedness. Her past medical history was only significant for increasing abdominal girth & recent progressive shortness of breath. Her gynecologic history was significant for a fibroid uterus. What is diagnosis & management?

- Ovarin Malignant Tumor with secondaries and ascitis
Ovarian tumour Ascitis Ad biopsy for diagnosis
Meigs syndrome Meigs syndrome is defined as the triad of benign ovarian tumor with ascites and pleural effusion that resolves after resection of the tumor. Ovarian fibromas constitute the majority of the benign tumors seen in Meigs syndrome
Hypoechoic shadows are fluid suggestive 9f ascitis And mass tumor seen is malignant and need further biopsy to r/o malignant leomyoma
Suspected leosarcoma asper history of a fibroid uterus. Secondly ovarian malignancy can be thought
Ovarian malignancy with ascitis or Leosarcoma to be ruled out
Rule out ovarian malignancy, ascitis , lung metastasis
Ovarian malinancy. Ascitis.
Ovarian malignancy Ascitis