61y/f, well capsulated circumscribed, 6*5*4 cm thyroid nodule. No capsular/vascular invasion CT- suggestive of follicular adenoma.

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Shows follicles arranged compactly lined by cuboidal cells & focal intense eosinophilia of cells. Huthle cells are seen in sheets admixed with tiny areas of necrosis, collections of apoptotic bodies, tiny calcifications & hemorrhages, focal cystic change, ? CMV like inclusions & occasional bizarre giant cells. P/O : *Adenomatous Goitre/ Follicular Adenoma with secondary degenerative changes. *Atypical Follicular Adenoma.

Hurthle cell adenoma

psamoma bodies..papillary neoplasm..

Aeenoma hartalecell


Hurthle cell adenoma

Hurthle cell neoplasm

Hurthle cell ( oncocytic) tumour

Hurthel Cell Neoplasm

Hurtle cell adenoma

Nodular goitre with hurthle cell change.

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