62 female with dysphagia for solid and liquid since 4 month. Here is barium swallow

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Huge dilatation of oesophagus. Central smooth narrowing of lower end of oesophagus (beak like). Normal peristaltic wave absent. Absense of fundic gas. Achalasia cardia.

Achelasia cardia.

achelasia cardia or ca oesophagus if age is more

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Appears Achalasia Cardia-- lower end of oesophagus fails to relax Lower end is smoothly tapering like beak of a bird. However remote possibility of cancer should be kept in mind as age of pt. is 62 yrs. OGD scopy should be done.

Achalasia cardia


Looks like Achalasia Cardia. Peristaltic defect.Surgery advised

Achalasia cardia

Thank you all Finally it was achalsia cardia We operated on her with Hellers myotomy

Only Helers or along with a fundoplication? Only hellers can later cause reflux.

Dr. Rima W mam

achalsia cardia rat tail appearance

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