63 yr, M,No comorbidities, 20th morning when he got up in the morning the wife noted talking unrelated things & not asking any thing for his daily needs.when anybody ask anything he immediately giving answers with out any meaning.On pointing the wife & asking who is she , he immediatly replied "see go come go" . On asking where are you now the immediate anwer was" road journey enjoyable". No other focal neurological deficits. Mri brain shows ischemic infarction& PT IS ON APPROPRIATE MED. What is his functional disabilty? Which part of the brain is involved?



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Left temporol parietal infarct ..now my question is should we thrombolize this patient or not??? How we are suppose to calculate his golden hours or window period?

Already mentioned pt on appropriate treatment. Pt developed symptoms on 2oth & arrived our hospital on 23rd

Large Temporoparietal Infarct (Left) in Dominant Hemisphere leading to Sensory (Wernicke's Aphasia)

Lt tempoparietal infarct.Cognitive defects,Aphagic,Loss of memory,Multiinfarct dementia, Behavioural abnormality

Lt temporal parietal infarct with transcortical sensory aphasia and prosopagnosia

Left parietal infarct Sensory aphasia

Agreed@Dr. Shyam Kishore sir

Lt MCA Tx infarct involving tempero-parietal area causing Wernicke's Aphasia

Parietal infarct . Antiplatelets and other measures


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