64/F, non DM, non HTN, presented with Chest Pain, SOB, Weakness and Low grade Fever for 3-4 weeks. ASO- 387, CRP-57.38, Spirometry- Normal study, Sputum AFB- NF for 2days. Echocardiogram- EF67%, no RWMA, IVS & I AS intact, Valves normal. CXR, CT Thorax, ECG, CBC, Electrolytes attached.



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Bilateral interstitial pnemonitis, rt sided cystic pronchiectasis. With plethoric lungs. With pachy cosolidation.


Sir ifeel its c/o CAP leucocytosismainlyneutrophils80% but raise ASOandCRP are concerned as it suggests SLE

Thank you Sir.

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Bilateral interstitial pneumonitis may be organising pneumonia or atypical pneumonia. Occupational history should be taken.

Its a case of bilateral interstial pneumonitis.

Dr. Chandra Shekhar Dr. Madhur Joshi Dr. Ravindra S K Sir please opine.

Tuberculosis may be a possibility as there is low grade fever , sob , b/L opacity.

X ray show Infiltrations RT and Lt side ? Fungal pneumonia


Bilateral interstitial pneumonitis

B/L pneumonitis

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